About Us

About Us

Chenaniah Solutions Ltd (CSL) is an advisory, technology solutions firm with focus on IT Security, Forensics, Incidence response, Project Management, Governance, Risk and Compliance advisory and Data Centre Design consultancy.
In close partnership with global leaders in IT security manufacturers including Sumuri, Cellebrite, Disklabs, Opentext, Kinesense, Amped among others, We offer Cyber and IT security technologies and solutions that protect our clients against advanced persistent threats, malicious adversaries, and internal malpractice.We support public sector, FSI and NGOs
Our sole objective is to deliver custom and best of breed solutions by our certified resources.Our professional resources offer their exceptional talent, giving our clients that vital edge when rising to their business management challenges.They all have an excellent professional background, characterized by a solid analytical profile, an excellent ability for teamwork, and a special talent for thriving at all levels of any business organization.


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Services We Offer

We transform our clients’ goals into tangible realities; Our functional specialization enable us to offer our clients high value added services

Digital Intelligence

In today's mobile, multi-device and multi-channel world, digital intelligence is the ability to transform digital data into real-time, actionable, customer-centric insights.

Computer Forensics

The term Computer Forensics is loosely used to describe the art of collecting, preserving and analyzing digital evidence. Such electronic evidence may reside on a computer’s hard drive or be found on...

Mobile Forensics

If your case relies on knowing where a person was or what activity they were doing at a specific time acquiring their cellphone or mobile devices may provide that crucial information for your matter.

Security & Risk Management

Nearly half of corporations reported a cyber attack within the last year. That’s up from only a third two years earlier and there is no indication that this trend won’t continue.

Electronic Discovery

We offer a complete range of services for finding and analyzing electronic documents, databases, and computers within a litigation or investigative context.

Extreme Discovery Service

When it comes to Electronic Discovery services, CSL excels at providing services outside of the norm. Services that your normal off the shelf software can’t accomplish.

Data Analytics

Our multi-discipline data analytics process follows closely a system implementation and develop process combining methodologies for data warehousing, custom application development, information analysis and litigation support.

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